Curatorship is like a link between the artists, the galleries, the museums, the other institutions and …

As art curator and exhibition organizer, every year we organize online and in-person exhibitions all over the world in countries. In addition to in-person exhibitions we provide a platform for Online exhibition. For that purpose; artists can present their artworks on international markets. Artists’ artworks are displayed on 2D and 3D virtual exhibitions as if they are on a wall in a real gallery and by clicking on each artwork, all information about artist, artwork, price etc.,  would appear promptly. At the same time, each virtual exhibition can be displayed on our partner’s websites too. 3D virtual exhibitions are getting more and more popular around the world.

It should be noted that, we are based in France. During these years we collaborated with different artists, art groups and galleries for holding in-person or online exhibitions. In this regard, we provide the best facilities for artists to be able to exhibit their artworks in group or solo exhibitions on international market. After events every artist will be provided with valid certificate by this enterprise.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  

Vincent Van Gogh


Solo Virtual Exhibition-Artist: Annick FRANÇOIS

Past Exhibitions